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MMGW Overview

Making Middle Grades Work is the middle grades component of HSTW designed to improve student achievement in the middle grades to prepare them for success in high school.

Basic Facts about MMGW

  • Began in 1997 with a grant from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation to study middle grades education
  • SREB published four reports on the condition of middle grades teaching and learning in 16 states
  • Started with 28 sites in 13 states
  • Based on a comprehensive framework of key conditions and practices
  • Currently, SREB works with 244 sites in 21 states

The following is a summary of the MMGW framework. For further information access the SREB website at: www.sreb.org/programs/MiddleGrades/MiddleGradesindex.asp

Making Middle Grades Work Framework

  • High expectations with extra help and time
  • Support from parents for higher academic standards
  • A belief that all students matter
  • An academic core that prepares students for success in college-preparatory courses
  • Use of technology for learning
  • Students engaged in their learning
  • Teachers working together
  • Qualified teachers
  • Strong leadership that promotes research-based improvements
  • Using data to revise classroom practices